Wednesday, July 1, 2015

FUN with Sight Words - Week 1 (Lesson 1)

This week I started teaching Sight Words to my 5Y. Till today he is not able to recognize and "register" whatever he learn and apply to his homework. 

He can't really read especially when all the words are all over the place. Kinda worried as its already 1/2 year GONE. (Just like that, scary lo) And knowing that for K2 need to start having Spelling, I think it's high time I "PUSH" him a bit more. 

This week, we start slow. THE & AND. I used an idea from a Facebook group - Preschool Resources. Using newspaper to get the child to focus. So I tore 2 articles and gave 1 each to them. Asked them to circle the words and count the number of times it appear. 

This activity is really useful. First, they learn to recognize the familiar word. Second, they learn to count. Last, it will leave a deeper impression in their heart. (Hopefully) Poor jiejie has to follow and sit in while I teach. Good in a way to reinforce her words library too.
The next day I search for printables and found this from 3Dinosaurs. She offered freee printables activities for Sight Words. I printed the words that I am currently doing this week - A, And, The.

For Day 2, I did the printables and ask them to circle, read, write. My 6years old did it effortlessly, while my 5years old did it with some help. Overall, I am quite happy with their performance today.

Lil man write out the 3 words he learnt, with an additional word - See! Did so well with his reading too. Good job!

For A & And Learning Pack - click here
For The Learning Pack - click here
As well, I am sharing my printables for some Tracing Activities and Maths - Matching Words to Number

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