Sunday, July 12, 2015

Taken aback moment: K2 English (Noun) homework

Last Friday, as usual routine we were trying to finish up their weekend homework before getting reading for their Chinese Enrichment class. I was 'ashamed' as I need to google before I could give an  answer to my gal's homework. 

For once, I went back and forth on my answers as well. I am sos so confused. I google on web and it tells me Noun : Name of place, person, thing. To my understanding a name you call someone or a thing right? Then I tried referring to the kids' dictionary then realized that with (s) it's plural so means no longer noun or it's still noun. That's where I went back and forth. Told my gal that without 's' and it's a 'NAME' means noun. But whether with 's', you need to check with Teacher is it still noun. Anyone can enlighten me?

Always love to find for activities at this and as I tried to find some activity to practice, I suddenly realized I got this set of Filefolder Activity half done in June. Took it out and start preparing my way. Alongside I printed 3 Phonics Activity too. Am gonna start Letter Sounds then slowly to Word Family.

If you are reading my blog and you have great ideas, tips, or materials that can help me. Please comment or email me at Greatly appreciated!

Will come back and feedback their learning process. 

To download Noun Filefolder, click here.
To download Phonics Word Family - at, an, am, en, click here
To download Phonics Pencil, click here
To download Phonics Crayons, click here


  1. I love your printables! So pro!

    Noun- is a word that describes a person, place or thing, plural or not. 'Church' is a noun and so is 'churches'. Both are nouns. 'Doctor' is a noun because it's a person, 'doctors' is also a noun.
    Proper nouns- are names of a Person like 'Esther' is also a noun, but more specifically it's called a proper noun.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Oh HomeschoolSg, thanks. Now I got a better understanding. LOL. I just started using Grammer assessment book today, chap 1.1 and I ask my girl to read the explaination and do the exercise. Encourage to flip back to double confirm her answers too.

    The printables are from Merely print n set it up. Very nice right but haven use. Today just started Phonics - Letter Sound a-d and I already find it tiring!