Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What a late update!! Bad mummy..

A very very late update. Lots to do, lots to be busy and its so so tiring running around the house with 2 toddlers. I simply find no time to really on my netbook to do updates. And night time, i spend it lazing after a tring day.. So what is the update so far for my 2 little angels cum devils??
Rayshon 1st Birthday

Birthday Cake
We celebrated Rayshon's 1st Birthday at the chalet at HomeTeam NS Pasir Ris, thanks to my dear GF & hubby who booked the chalet for us. Though kinda run-down, but still managable for us. It was a fun time, spending the weekends with our family. And rayshon had so much fun in the inflatable pool. And Irisa tried to breathe under water.. So cute.. Anyway, splashing good time.
At Singkids - Airport

Irisa's new friend (finally)

Brought Rayshon for his Dec BBs gathering with Irisa along. Went to Singkids at T3, Changi Airport. FOC for him and i paid a small amount for Irisa to go in. Had fun playing in the Balls Pit, running about. And finally, made friends with my friend's daughter. She is such a chatty, sociable gal that I was also taken aback. And i like, cos she looks so independent although she is just 5 years old. Envy envy. Will Irisa grow up to be so independent??

Celebrating both grandparents birthday

Waiting for daddy at the airport

Irisa pierce her ears!!
 Irisa went to have her ears pierced. Guess that is the most latest updates for her. As for her speech, I can tell you is she is such a sweet talker. Whenever mummy cook/bake something, or someone buy her toys, she can say Thanks in such a way that can MELTS your heart. I mean MELT, really makes u feel so good about. And it does makes me feel that my sacrifice to stay home = PRICELESS
When they play in peace
And the rest, jus some small outings as per above pics. Too many pics and so many updates. I guess you will get a better feel in Facebook as my iPhone is so much accessible to me during the day.
And for Rayshon, up to date, 4 teeth out and 2 on the way. Still waking up for night feed (pls, when can i 'sleep thru'??) Vocabs are quite limited, as he refused to repeat and only repeat those that he likes or want to. JieJie, KorKor, Daddy, PaPa, Ma, LaoMa, AhYi, YiEr, Ball, Car, MumMum, PongPong, PorPor, Da etc. Some i cant really recall.
In terms of temperament, i can sense TROUBLE soon. Both equally stubborn and Irisa already to the stage, I need to practically yell or bring out the CANE to move her butt. Oh my, when can she be more obedient?? I do hope it is a passing phase. And Lil Boy, really loves to bully Irisa. Kick, bite, beat, whatever ways. Sign..
But anyway, I am not worried cos i know deep inside, they love each other. Lil boy will run to Irisa to seek comfort when he got scolding or beaten by me or anyone. Or even when he falls. But time also comes when they both fight. But when you see them kiss, it is what we call PRICELESS. The rewarding part is to see them lovey dovey and play in PEACE. How often?? Rarely.. hahhaa..

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