Friday, July 22, 2011

Combination of both Irisa & Rayshon growth

Busy mummy having a hard time keeping up with both Irisa & Rayshon individual blog diaries. End up, deciding that I can create a new one for both of their updates, without the hassle of uploading the same pictures twice.. So the updates shall begin from July 22, 2011, Irisa at 29M17D old & Rayshon at 8M4D old.

For Irisa diary from birth, can be view at

For Rayshon diary from birth, can be view at

Feeding of semi-solids to Lil R

It is a challenging and headache time for me to intro solids to him as he was not interested in food that is meant for his stage. Not rice cereal, not puree-ed vegetables, food jars, porridge etc. He is more into our cheesecake, yogurt, porridge etc. I am just so stress in this feeding.. And he will 'boo' while i feed and ends up with bits of cereal/porridge all over the place.

He prefers to eat our food and wont 'boo'. And his med from PD to help with reflux after semi-solids, he knows when I come with the syringe, he will shut his lips tight or will spit out if i manage to bluff some in his mouth.. Oh, this boy is so so different from his sister who never gives me any headache. And big Irisa already eating porridge with all sort of varieties introduce to her at this stage...

Developments of Lil R

He can make a lot of sounds, Mama BaBa Papa Mum Ahmmm & also do a lot of weird actions/gesture. He loves to imitate us eating and make me believe tt he has put something into his mouth many times.. He simply love to 'touch' things around the house. From pants/belts hanging from the back of the bedroom door to all the safety edge protector/cabinet locks, he will have a share... And he loves to put his toys on the sofa or tv cabinet and then try to reach for them again. Loves to sit up on the pram and look at the surroundings (but yet not steadily and will kind of slid down so need a small cushion), cant be lying on a stationary pram too.

Comparing to Irisa, he is a bit slower. I wonder if Yr End BBs tend to be slower or is it boys are generally slow? Anyway fix an appt for a review when he turns 9M as he cant sit w/o support steadily yet, tends to topple over.

Going back to Playgroup after a long break (Irisa)

Irisa had a 1 month school holiday from Playgroup and we stopped her for 2 weeks, (initial plans due to some scarlet fever cases in HK). It ended up with 3 week break as she came up with viral on the friday before we want to send her to school. So 1 more week of fun at home.

Luckily fever episode did not spread to little brother and finally came down after 5 days. It is so accurate from the PD guess.. Really salute them.... And she was still the same hyper and active while i keep on fighting with the fever for her...

So today, friday again, it means Art Class. She came back with a little chicken and was so happy about it. I really seriously should consider having some Art&Craft with her when little brother is slightly older. Am sure we will have so much fun....

Development of Irisa

More naughty, more verbal, more agressive & definetely cuter... Still the devilish angel of our eyes. She is like a little helper at home, depending on her mood as well. She will bring little brother stuff like pampers, hanky or watever that we are caught in a unforseen situation with little brother. She can even help to hold on to little bro's walker while i do my cleaning of floor with just the 2 of them. My little pair of eyes when I am cooking and need a quick check on little bro when he isnt in the living area. My pair of hands to help bring little bro out from the rooms when i am busy with housechores. Latest addition, she can help to feed little bro milk for me.. Such a dearie but yet can get on my nerve too... Love-Hate situation huh....?!!??!? But most of the time, i would say 99% of the time, it is still LOVE...

*all pics in next post as very difficult to arrange when my long stories are typed out*

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